Analog is a completely decentralized, PoT-based, layer-0 platform for communicating validated event data. At the core of the platform are tesseracts and time nodes (explained later) that can privately fetch and confirm event.

RevBits Cyber Security is focused on developing cutting-edge security software and unrivaled cyber incident services.
Modules: -
- Privileged Access Management
- Update Portal
- Support Portal
- Cyber Intelligence Platform
- SMS Portal

Revbits- Cyber Security Solutions

Environmentally friendly NFTs from the world's greatest creators. A whole new world of digital collectibles. Based on Polygon and Ethereum chain.

Terry Burro

Autonomous cart that has some defined routes that it follows. Users can customize them too. Based upon ML and AI techniques.


Muzmind Sakeenah is an Islamic mindfulness and meditation app developed to improve human emotional well-being through peaceful guided Islamic stories.

Walahala Hardware Wallet

Walahala hardware wallet uses multiple verification systems like 2FA auth and private questionnaire. Completely protected from hackers.


Racino is an F1 racing project where users can mint(NFTs) and participate to win exciting prizes and gifts. NFT marketplace to buy NFTs or new add-ons for existing NFTs.

Owna fr

Different lenders make offers on NFT assets and they offer borrowers loan money. All calculations and transactions are handled from the smart contract’s side.